Why Exhibit?

More than 3,000 visitors

Over two days, 3,000 hospitality owners will pour through the show doors with the sole intention of looking to boost their profits and finding the latest innovations. To do so, they will be looking to form long-lasting relationships with innovative organisations and suppliers, and that’s where you come in.

Gain exposure

As an exhibitor, you will gain exposure to each and every one of our pre-qualified visitors, all of whom are looking to find the latest products and solutions. By placing yourself in front of these buyers, you have the chance to pitch them first-hand, fully demo your product and achieve a direct line to market, all in one place.

Pre qualified attendees

The Trade Drinks Expo only invites pre-qualified attendees, meaning that only those with decision-making powers, or at a bare minimum with buying influence, will be in attendance. From independent hospitality businesses to internationally known chains, the Trade Drinks Expo provides a base for all those in the industry to learn and improve their business.

  • 78%

    of visitors are owners/directors

  • Over 83%

    of visitors have purchasing authority

  • Over 85%

    of visitors attend to try, test and buy the latest innovations in the industry

The power ofFace to Face

Crowd of people

Face to Face Selling is considered the cornerstone of sales. In fact, 95% of people believe that face to face interactions and sales are essential for successful long-term business and client relationships. Here at the International Drink Expo, our philosophy and belief is that people respond to people.

We provide the perfect place in which to meet clients and facilitate business, whilst also providing educational and thought-provoking seminars and panel debate. This is because our show allows you to get up close and personal with over 15,000 potential clients and pre-qualified business leads, all have been selected by the organiser, and they have chosen to attend.

2022 Testimonials

  • “Very interesting conversations with mainly emerging hidden champions in the Beverage Industry”

    BRELON (2022)

  • “Shows over! But what a blast we’ve had at @drinkxpo It has been a dream come true introduce Cannabrew and sharing our mission with so many new and interesting people! Thank you to everyone that came to our stand, we loved meeting you all”

    CANNABREW LTD (2021)

  • “For us, IDE 2019 was a really positive experience and we were impressed with both the quantity and quality of visitors. It exceeded our expectations in terms of leads and was also a great platform for networking with existing customers and industry contacts. We’ve already rebooked for 2020 and I envisage it becoming a core part of our annual event calendar going forwards.”

    Hofmeister (2019)

  • “We're having a really good show so far I reckon we probably had about five times the amount of visitors already that we had at our show at Olympia a few weeks back so really loving it and hoping the rest of the time goes as well as it has done so far amazing thanks”

    Myth Drinks (2022)

  • “After making waves at the International Drinks Expo 2021, Blending Water is all set to become the next bar essential. Now sampled by the world's top beverage connoisseurs.”

    Estuaryworld (2021)

  • “Thousands and thousands of people are coming through. The reach has been tremendous. Meeting a lot of great manufacturing partners, distribution partners”

    Soko Cannabis (2019)

  • “We’ve had a great couple of days exhibiting at the International Drink Expo. We had the opportunity to meet some new faces and introduce a whole new market to our range of rum.”

    Unconventional Distillery Co. (2019)

Call or email if you supply any retail services, equipment, or products in connection with the following areas:

  • Beer
  • Wine
  • Rum
  • Cocktails
  • Mixology
  • Cider
  • Cambucha
  • CBD Drinks
  • Vodka
  • Gin
  • Taquila
  • Wisky
  • Larger
  • Ales
  • No & Low
  • Port
  • Low Cal Drinks
  • Water
  • Breweries
  • Coffee
  • Drinks accessories
  • Spirits
  • Seltzer

Who will you meet?

  • Wholesalers
  • Supermarkets
  • Restaurants
  • Pubs
  • Bars
  • Clubs
  • Hotels
  • Sports Clubs
  • Specialist Drinks Shops


Alternatively, please contact us on Tel: 0117 457 8784 or email at enquiries.tde@fortem-international.com


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