Innovation Awards

The Innovation Awards recognise the innovators who are paving the way towards the world of tomorrow.

With five awards up for grabs at this year’s event, nominees are those whose products or services are breaking boundaries in the food & drink industry.

This is an invaluable opportunity for our visitors to take their industry knowledge beyond the present and into the future, and gain that crucial upper hand in an increasingly competitive market! Plus, with each finalist showcasing their product or service to a panel of industry giants in front of a live audience, the awards make for an entertaining and educational break from the hustle and bustle of the show floor.

Drinks Innovation Award:

Drinks Innovation Award:

The award recognises the finest combination of aromas and flavours, celebrating the drink products that are raising the bar when it comes to delivering great taste.

2023 Winner:

  • Beyond Belief Brewing Co

    Beyond Belief Brewing Co

    Stand No: E42

  • 2023 Nominees:

  • Nidhoggr Mead Co.

    Nidhoggr Mead Co.

    Stand No: D42

  • Beyond Belief Brewing Co

    Beyond Belief Brewing Co

    Stand No: E42



    Stand No: E70

  • Get Over It LTD

    Get Over It LTD

    Stand No: C70

  • 8Track Rum

    8Track Rum

    Stand No: E58

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